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What is ePINCall is an online shop where you can buy prepaid phone cards & prepaid calling cards for international calls & domestic long distance phone calls. This website provides calling card, phone card, and wireless recharge PINs delivered via quick email. With ePINCall you will surprise your friends and family members by calling them often and anytime, use ePINCall when travelling and if you have friends or family members in other countries. We always add only the very best phone cards to our site. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your instant international phone cards, calling cards or prepaid wireless product please contact us. LONG DISTANCE CALLS - BIG SAVING$! PIN less Dialing - It is the ability of the Calling Card provider to recognize you automatically without the need of entering your PIN number! Click to Write review about ePINCall phone cards.
Popular Calling Card Destinations
Australia Calling Card 0.9/min Brazil Phone Card 1.6/min Philippines Calling Card 8.6/min South Africa Calling Card 2.6/min Mexico Phone Card 1.8/min Ukraine Calling Card 6.8/min
India Phone Card 1.4/min Canada Calling Card 0.4/min China Phone Card 1.0/min France Phone Card 0.4/min Japan Calling Card 1.5/min Romania Phone Card 1.7/min
Korea South Calling Card 1.0/min Israel Calling Card 0.9/min Russia Calling Card 1.7/min Italy Phone Card 0.8/min Nigeria Phone Card 5.5/min Thailand 1.0/min
Germany Calling Card 0.7/min UK Phone Card 0.3/min Calling Card from Germany 1.6/min Phone Card from UK 1.6/min Phone Card from China 3.7/min Colombia Phone Card 2.3/min
***ePINCall offers international calling options including a prepaid cell phone card, calling card to Canada, USA, China , Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, India calling cards, France, Algeria, Bangladesh, Armenia, Colombia, Philippines and more. Buy calling card, phone cards, prepaid phone cards online, also PC to Phone call and Webcall option available.***

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ePINCall FAQ What is a calling card, phone card? With a calling card or phone card you can purchase telephone or cellular minutes to make international calls at very low rates. How do you use a phone card? After purchasing your international calling card, you will receive instantly a PIN and local access number by email. After calling an acces number, insert the pin and dial the number you want to speak to. PIN less Phone Cards: with PIN less dialing you do not need to enter the PIN card every time you make a phone call. Just registering the phone numbers from where you call will allow you to use your international phone card. Recharge Option: You can choose to automatically refill your calling card, just log in to your account, once you have ran out of credit you will be charged from you chosen payment option.
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We provide quality phone cards and calling cards to our customers. ePINCall goal is to offer international calling cards with cheap rates. ePINCall will offer you great prepaid calling cards. All international phone cards are by the leading manufacturers. With our cards you can call from USA and almost from any other countries. Google+ Webutation